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I am a London based Fitness Professional and would like to tell you about myself and how I work.

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Services I can offer You


I offer one-on-one training designed to empower you to reach your goals. I’m equipped with the latest tools and techniques and will inspire you by implementing programs based on your individual needs. By creating a progressively stimulating program so you will be motivated to exceed your goals. The experience begins with you!


My "group" training program makes personal training more affordable! It’s a budget-friendly way to utilize my expertise and motivation. Training is provided in a group setting and provides a fun and competitive environment for all! For example, you can bring your own friend or family. For details and prices please contact me.


Punit Shah

Anita is a best in class PT who puts the Personal into Personal Training. She injects her infectious energy and wonderful personality into each and every one of our structured and rewarding training sessions. I just can’t get enough and am always motivated to keep coming back for more of her exercise plans, workouts and nutrition advice. She is simply the best and I highly recommend her to you all



Asha Manoharan

I used to hate going to the gym but Anita has changed all that – with her bubbly personality, her motivation and belief in you she pushes you to your maximum potential. She genuinely cares and creates workout plans based on what you want and makes it personal to you. I now look forward to her workouts and enjoy working out with her. I have seen a massive change in my strength and that is all down to her.

I’d definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a really personalized, motivated and bubbly trainer who puts in a lot of thought and time into your progress.


Antroulla Joannou

Anita is an amazing professional and I am still with her after one year and would not have it any other way. I suffer with lower back problems and have done so for many years. Anita being a qualified personal trainer has helped and supported me with the right workouts to strengthen my core muscles and much more. Each workout Anita puts together is personalised to your own health needs, which makes it more personal and makes you eager to achieve what is required. Antroulla Satisfied Costumer (August 2018)



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