Sweet 16 Beta-Carotine Smoothie

Servs: 2 Prep time: 5 mins Blending time: 45 secs


11.5 g protein, 5.5g fibre, 23g carbs, 100 cals, 3.5 portions 5-a-day

Low protein, high carbohydrate, high in dietary fibre. High micro and phyto-nutrient content providing good sources of Beta-carotene (carotenoids), vitamin C, iron, lutein, folate, manganese, potassium, B6, copper and anthocyanin pigments. This smoothie is rich in anti- oxidant, anti-inflammatory ingredients that support detoxification, digestion, immunity and the cardiovascular system. The betalain pigments of beetroot benefits the liver and detoxification.


  • 80g Raw beetroot

  • 40g Carrots

  • 40g Cucumber

  • 20g Sweet red pepper

  • 40g Red Apple

  • 40g Red grapes

  • 5g slice of fresh ginger with skin

  • 10g fresh non waxed lime with skin

  • 300ml water

  • 3 ice cubes


  1. If using an ordinary blending jug such as the Vita Mix or Philips, always put the water in first. If using a Bullet or similar always put the water in last. If using a Bullet you may have to divide the above ingredients in to two therefore making a single serving at a time due to smaller jug size.

  2. Always wash your fruit and vegetables even if bought already washed. Do not peel off the skins. Chop all ingredients into cubes.

  3. If using a Vita Mix or Nutri Bullet ingredients can be placed in the blender all at once and blended. If using a less powerful blender, add the water first and then blend each ingredient one after the other slowly building up the smoothie. Place the softer ingredients first as this helps to blend the ingredients more swiftly.

  4. Blending time depends on the blender you are using. You want to achieve a fine smooth consistency so blend until this is achieved.

  5. Pour into two glasses or consume first serving and save second serving in a glass screw-top container or thermos in the fridge for consumption the same day.


Smoothies should ideally be consumed immediately due to rapid degradation of micronutrient content. Always keep in the fridge. Discard if the smoothie is not consumed within 8 hours. Beeturia: Please be aware that ‘beeturia’ can present after the consumption of beetroot. This is a red tinge in the urine that may occur during the following 24 hours after consumption of beetroot and is perfectly normal. Red tinge may also occur in the stools from the beetroot. This should disappear after 24 hours. This is not blood in the urine or stool and is nothing to worry about.

Allergy information:


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